Juniper recently discovered that some versions of the OS for NetScreen-firewalls were susceptible for hacker attacks. These hackers could add code using a backdoor on the system, with this code they could gain full access rights to the firewall. There also was another backdoor by which they could decrypt the traffic for VPN-connections. This came to light during an internal investigation, Juniper initially concluded these backdoors were present in the following versions : 6.2.0r15 up to 6.2.0r18 and 6.3.0r12 up to 6.3.0r20.


During my first few months at I was assigned to make a knowledge base.
It’s something they wanted for a while and for me it was the perfect moment to show what I’m capable of.
The first few weeks went by easy, lots of coding, lots of work, but in the end it was pretty clear what to do because of understandable desires and goals of the team. The layout was pretty simple; users can view articles orderd in categories and authors can create articles using a text editor. The main thought was that the editor would remain as simple as possible to force consistency.
This was about to be my first confrontation with a project that was about to change in way that I wouldn’t have expected.

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Designers make you do things without you even noticing it. I had a teacher who told me to give him the middle finger every time I saw him. The reason was simple, he said that a good designer screws with the mind of his users. See here is the thing, I had a discussion with a colleague of mine who constantly asked me to show him how something works and asked for a mockup. I replied by telling him that I will create a design that explains everything, on which he replied that he did not want a design but a mockup. The thing is, most people think that the word design simply means how something should look, but like Steve Jobs once said; Design is how things work.


Ten years ago, the only service offered were game servers for a small selection of PC games. We gained the most recognition for hosting titles from the Battlefield series. At that time, we were still using a shared network. To gain more control over routing towards our customers, managing our own network was imminent. Latency is a very important factor for the gaming experience, therefor reducing latency has become the key focus while setting up the network.


Looking at the business we’re in, automation is an important part, if not the foundation of our business. Over the past years our control panel has served our customers in many ways, from providing support to live control functions of servers. What’s often overlooked is that also the financial department benefits from automation. In most businesses the accounting department is often seen as a department that merely costs money and is sort of a ‘necessary evil’. A lot of tasks in accounting do in fact require a considerable amount of manual labor. At we are always looking for ways to make things easier and more reliable, also when it comes to automating our accounting department.


Last week we have attended WHD.India in Mumbai. This one-day event is considered to be one of the largest events in the Indian hosting sector. services many companies that originate from India. Therefore, we thought it was time to visit one of India’s hosting events to get to know the Indian market a bit better. The experience was a short but memorable one. These are the four main impressions we took back from our little trip that we would like to share with you. Hope you will enjoy our experience as much as we did.


Hostingcon Global is the most renowned annual event of the North-American hosting and cloud industry. Established in 2004, Hostingcon had a strong focus on providing essential industry knowledge and intelligence in an unbiased platform. It is the only North American event that is designed completely to serve the good of the hosting and cloud community. The conference is attended by professionals who appreciate the vendor-neutral environment in which there are no product or service sales pitches or ‘pay to play’ speakers. Every presenter, speaker, panelist and vendor represented throughout the robust conference agenda is there as a subject matter expert or industry leader sharing expertise to benefit the best interests of the professional community.’s CEO Stijn Koster is asked to attend a panel presentation on European go-to-market strategies. Therefore I have been very curious to see how well attended Hostingcon Europe 2015 will be. Amsterdam could use a well-attended, well-organized event for the (inter)national hosting and cloud industry. Will Hostingcon Europe be up for that title?


There are moments in your career when you have worked so hard on something that you become attached to it. This piece of work is something that you are proud of, because only in your mind its significant. You kept it close to your heart and made sure nobody knew about it until it was ready, because you thought this idea was so good that people might steal it. This is what designers call a darling.


It is a common mistake that a firewall or loadbalancer is able to stop Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. The majority of todays’ firewalls offer the possibility to prevent the overload of your services. Rate-limiting SYN packages to make SYN-floods less effective is one of those options.Although these options might help, with volumetric attacks or attacks with a massive amount of sent packets per second they will not be able to prevent your infrastructure from overloading.


Starting your own company is more difficult than it sounds. Believe me when I tell you that we know. Especially in the hosting business you have to deal with high capital expenses and extremely long working days to get your business off the ground. You are working hard to get your company website to look the part, the systems used have to be user-friendly and cutting edge at the same time and the customer service has to be fast and agile; and this is just the technical side of business. You need to do a lot of acquisition and/or marketing to get your target group familiarized with your company, you will have to choose a matching and reliable datacenter (or datacenters) and you will be dealing with hardware suppliers.